BlindGiRl2 *** RELEASE ***

Posted in development info, XNA with tags on December 30, 2011 by glpeas

BlindGiRl2 has passed through peer review without a hitch and is now available on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace, for the price of 80 MSP. It’s a follow up to BlindGiRl with some new mechanics and adventures.

You can download it here to your XBOX360 console.

We worked hard to hit a 2011 release and we really hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mini review on the Indie Game Magazine

Posted in reviews on January 28, 2011 by glpeas

The Indie Game Magazine have done a mini review, and they generally liked it, saying that the ‘…puzzle gameplay feels fresh…’. They also had some criticsm, they weren’t too keen on the simple graphics and sound, but they do round off by saying that the game is definitely worth trying.

Have a read of the full mini-review at Indie Game Magazine.

Steven Hurdle reviews BlindGiRl

Posted in reviews on January 13, 2011 by glpeas

Steven Hurdle has undertaken the admirable mission to buy and try an indie game from the Xbox Indie Game Marketplace every day. His only criteria are that the game must be good, and it must NOT be in the top 50 download chart. He’s going to keep going until he runs out of games.

Today, he has reached his 64th game, which is BlindGiRl. He liked it a lot, saying that it ‘…stands out as a title with plenty of innovation..’.

Read the full review, and be sure to support Steven’s quest to give the indie channel some much needed promotion.

The art of BlindGiRl

Posted in development info on December 15, 2010 by glpeas

BlindGiRl’s visuals combine the procedurally generated graphics of wave propagation and echolocation with the original, hand drawn illustrations of Elly Walton.

Elly is an established illustrator working with UK & overseas clients including The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, The Big Issue, FHM, PC Pro, Macformat, and Sky amongst many others.  Her unique and wonderful style was one that we really liked and thought would fit the BlindGiRl project perfectly.

You can find more of Elly’s work at

Vote for BlindGiRl!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 18, 2010 by glpeas

BlindGiRl is up for nomination as one of the Best Indie Games of 2010 over at IndieDB. Show your support and vote BlindGiRl!

GamersInfo – Review

Posted in reviews on August 14, 2010 by glpeas

Psychphan from has played BlindGiRl and offered up his thoughts. Sounds like he enjoyed it, making particular mention of the suprisingly tense gameplay and summarising that it was ‘Everything you want from an exploration game‘.

Read the full review at

One Life Left: Review

Posted in reviews on August 8, 2010 by glpeas

Hugely popular gaming podcast One Life Left talk about BlindGiRl in their latest installment. They loved it, calling it “Spot on” and saying there is “Nothing I would change”. They give it 7/10 overall and you can listen to the whole of the podcast over at the One Life Left site.


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